Getting to Oakland Chinatown

Getting There

Traveling from the North along I-80

You will start off your trip going southwest along Interstate 80. From there take I-580 east. It will take you towards downtown Oakland. Follow 580 for a little less than 2 miles and then merge on to 980 West. You will stay on 980 until you reach the I-880 South exit. Take the exit and then take the Jackson Street exit right after that. Make a left on to Jackson Street and follow it until you come to 8th Street. From there you just turn right on to Harrison Street and you will be taken straight in to Chinatown.

Traveling from the West along 580

Your journey begins along I-580 West. Follow 580 until you are able to get on to I-238 North. Stay left to get on to 238 and follow it down for a few miles to get on to I-880 North. After you get on to 880 you are going to see an exit for Oak Street. Take the exit and turn right on to Oak. Follow Oak Street down to 8th street. You should then turn left on to 8th Street, and then turn right on to Harrison. Harrison will bring you right in to downtown Chinatown.

Traveling North along I-880 North

Start off along I-880 North. Follow 880 until you come to the Oak Street exit. From there you just make a right on to Oak Street and a left on to 8th Street. Now turn right on to Harrison Street and follow it right in to the center of Oakland’s Chinatown district.


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